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  • The Scriptures

The Bible is the inspired word of God.  (2 Tim 3:16)

  • The God Head

God is one entity manifested into three per-sons that are co-equal. (I John)

  • Water Baptism

Baptism in water is a direct command from the Lord and symbolizes a Christianís identification with Christís death, burial and resurrection. (Col. 2:12)

  • Baptism in the Holy Ghost

This baptism is a promised gift given by God through Jesus Christ that gives power to the believer. The initial evidence comes with speaking in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives utterances. (Acts 2:4, 38-39)

  • Communion

We receive communion after a careful examination of ourselves. The cup represents the blood Jesus shed for the remission of sins. The bread symbolizes the broken body of Jesus Christ. (I Cor. 11:23-24)

  • Worship

God commands us to give Him worship in reverence and truth. (Ps. 95:6, John 4:24)

  • Tithes and Offering

God has commanded that we bring one tenth of our income to Him. Above this, He also requires an offering. (Mal. 3:10)

  • Sanctification

We are called to be set apart from the world and be more like the Lord. (Lev 20:26)

  • Divine Healing

Healing comes by the power of God through the prayer of faith and is provided for in the atonement of Christ. (James 5:14-25, I Peter 2:24)